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In the event that you're new to the universe of online cricket id, it very well may be a piece overpowering to figure out how to begin Cricket Betting Id on the web. Be that as it may, have confidence, on the grounds that My internet-based cricket id India takes care of you. We will take you through the different strides of how to utilize Cricket Betting Id destinations in India.

Let us see step by step how to bet on the web!

A real wagering tips site ought to recognize Indian rupees.

To respect the principles in the Foreign Exchange Management Act or FEMA in India, all of the authentic wagering tips objections ought to recognize Indian rupees. Clients ought to have the choice of the two stores and take out in Indian rupees, using secured and reliable portion strategies.

Luckily all of the wagering tips areas that you'll find here on My Betting ID Sites India, all meet these two measures!

To find altogether more about legal wagering tips areas, click on the button under.


The initial step of your internet-based cricket id venture must pick the right wagering site. As we have examined above, different variables help you in picking the right sort of bookmaker for you.

When you realize which highlights you are searching for, you can undoubtedly pick a wagering site that will satisfy your necessities. Nonetheless, in the event that you're not completely certain about what you need in a web-based cricket id webpage, it is normally best to adhere to probably the best betting site locales that offer every one of the highlights that a novice or experienced punter could require.

Here is a short and supportive rundown of the main 5 web-based cricket id destinations in India to assist you with making your pick!

Step-by-step instructions to Deposit on Betting Sites

When your new wagering tips account is set up, the subsequent stage is to add cash to the wagering tips site. Because of the rising ubiquity of wagering tips locales, various installment strategies are presently accessible for Indians to utilize!

These are probably the most advantageous installment strategies for online cricket id destinations in India:



         Google Pay


         Net banking




         NE teller

         Astro Pay Card

         furthermore, some more!

With such an extraordinary decision of installment techniques accessible, punters can undoubtedly pick their favored strategy and stick to it for the two stores and withdrawals.

Look at our different aides for keeping cash on wagering tips locales!


Subsequent to keeping cash into your record, you can now trade out your Welcome Bonus or whatever other advancements that a Cricket Betting Id site brings to the table. For another person to Indian Cricket Betting Id locales, Cricket Betting Id rewards can feel very befuddling to utilize. So, it can continuously be valuable to get more familiar with the kinds of rewards accessible on Cricket Betting Id destinations in India!


Welcome prizes are one of the key considerations that you should consider when searching for another bookmaker. The Welcome Bonus is significant on the grounds that it provides you with a lot of additional money that you can use to begin your Cricket Betting Id experience without gambling any of your own cash. Accordingly, you should search for the most ideal invite reward you can get.

All in all, the welcome bonus can be one of the two most simple forms of the betting ID process - a fixed deposit bonus or a free cricket betting ID. We should investigate these two kinds of rewards.

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Ratan Tata

In the period of privatization, one more huge organization has been given over to private hands. This time the order of this enormous government has gone under the control of Ratan Tata. This administration organization is additionally running immense misfortunes and this plant is shut since March 30, 2020. Notwithstanding the resistance to privatization, the public authority has given over one more huge organization to private hands. On this day the public authority organization was purchased by the unbelievable finance manager Ratan Tata. This organization was running at misfortune and this plant is shut since 30 March 2020.

In the ownership of Ratan Tata: It is fundamental that Odisha-based Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited (NINL) is being surrendered to a Tata bundle firm, its entire cycle is likely going to be done by mid-July. Farewell Steel Long Products (TSLP), a unit of Tata Steel, had in January this year won the bid to get a 93.71 percent stake in NINL at an endeavor worth Rs 12,100 crore, an authority said. The association gained this headway by forsaking a consortium of Jindal Steel and Power Limited, Nalwa Steel and Power Limited, and JSW Steel Limited. By and by soon Ratan Tata's association will manage it

The cycle is in the last stage: A power told the news association, "The trade is in the last stage and the trade should be done by the focal point of the next month. Farewell (TSLP), a small part of Tata Steel, was said to have acquired 93.71% stake in NINL for Rs 12,111 crore in January this year. Barring a consortium of Jindal Steel & Power Limited and Nalwa Steel & Power Limited and JSW Steel Limited, the Association achieved this position with great difficulty.

Commitment ridden association: Let us enlighten that Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited has a planned steel plant of 1.1 MT limit in Kalinganagar, Odisha. This organization association is moreover running into gigantic hardships and this plant is closed since 30th March 2020.  The affiliation has responsibilities and liabilities of over Rs 6,600 crore as of March 31, 2021, including Rs 4,116 crore to patrons, and Rs 1,741 crore. Colossal commitment of banks, different advance managers, and laborers.

Cricket betting


Around here at My Online cricket tips Sites India, our fundamental objective is to rank and audit every one of the best betting sites in India destinations that acknowledge Indian players, so you can settle on an educated decision. Whether you're an accomplished punter or a beginner in the realm of web-based online betting id sites free, our point-by-point Cricket bet website surveys and guides will assist you with making the best of your Cricket bet experience!

So right away, we should investigate the best Indian online betting id site free destinations in India.


At My Online cricket tips Sites India, we have concentrated on- Online cricket tips site best-betting sites in India site that works in India and have looked at and assessed them thoroughly.

Surveying a cricket bet site isn't easy, and it's no ordinary feat. We should encounter the site for us and afterward answer the most critical inquiries that one could pose before utilizing the Cricket bet site. That is the reason you ought to know precisely which factors we think about when we wait list the best biggest bookie in India locales for you, our dear peruses!

Betting site


Before you step into the daring universe of the internet-best-biggest bookie in Indian locales, it is critical to check whether you are on the right half of Indian regulations!

There are numerous questionable best-betting sitesin India destinations on the planet that draw clients with their deceitful exercises. So it is significant to be mindful to involve lawful best-biggest bookie in India locales in India as it were.

This is where My Online cricket tips Sites India acts the hero - our group of Cricket bet specialists really take a look at every single best betting site in India site and just suggest the ones that are dependable and safe.

We should jump somewhat more profound into the Online cricket tips laws of India to see more about legitimate best-biggest bookies in India destinations!

📜 Are Online cricket tips Sites Legal in India?

Online cricket tips regulations in India can be extremely confounding with regards to the utilization of web-based best-biggest bookies in Indian destinations. According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, Online cricket tips in broad daylight gaming houses are completely taboo and are viewed as unlawful.

This Act is trailed by most Indian states, except for a couple of states that have made their regulation regarding the subject.

Nonetheless, the Public Gambling Act has no standards concerning the utilization of web-based Cricket bet locales. This intends that while best-betting sites in Indian locales can't be viewed as lawful in India, they additionally can't be thought of as unlawful.


How could that be not quite the same as a best biggest bookie in India destinations being legitimate? Indeed, the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which administers Indian issues connected with Best betting id, makes no notice of web-based best-betting sites in Indian destinations. That intends that while it has set down unambiguous regulations in regards to different types of Best betting id, no regulation precludes web-based Cricket bet locales in India.

This implies that nobody (essentially as far as anyone is concerned and to the information on the lawful group, we counselee) has at any point been indicted for Online cricket tips on the internet best biggest bookie in India destinations.


Aside from checking the Online cricket tips regulations in your state, you should likewise just utilize online betting id sites free destinations that are legitimate in India. So how might you make sure that the best-biggest bookie on the India site is legitimate?

That is straightforward. Each lawful best-betting site in India site should match two prerequisites to be utilized securely and legitimately in India. Here are these two necessities:


Every one of the lawful Indian online betting id site free locales is based seaward. This guarantees that these Cricket bet destinations exist outside the domain of Indian regulation, and that implies that their utilization isn't precluded by the Indian overall set of laws. So while these best betting sites in India destinations aren't Indian, they are the ones in particular that can be utilized lawfully in India.

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Bet online

Legitimate and controlled administrators offer chances and markets on bet online cricket. You won't track down choices to allbetting exchange sites on the climate or unscripted television at the huge shops, and there's a straightforward justification behind that: They're not permitted to.

How online bet online cricket wagering in India became legitimate

Challenge in New Jersey

New Jersey citizens passed a non-restricting mandate in November 2011 that trained the state governing body to sanction sports id cricket betting. The lawmaking body immediately passed a bill that would have controlled sports id cricket betting at New Jersey courses and Atlantic City gambling clubs. Gov. Chris Christie marked the bill into regulation.

The significant bet cricket associations tested New Jersey in court, asserting that the state was not absolved by PASPA; in this way, it couldn't authorize sports id cricket betting. This was upheld by a much smaller court, and after a few days it was appealed and confirmed by the Third Circuit Court. The Indian Supreme Court around then wouldn't hear the case.

ID cricket betting

New Jersey attempted another point. The state endeavored to liberate and decriminalize sports id cricket betting in similar settings as in the past. The best online cricket associations got back to court and moved to a new way to deal with sports id cricket betting. The best online cricket associations won in the lower court and third court of appeal.

With the new company opting to go ahead and try the Third Circuit, the Supreme Court then agreed to a later hearing on the matter, and in 2018 New Jersey won its case.

Condition of Indian Gaming Association

The Indian Gaming Cricket Betting Association is the promotional group for the gaming business. It keeps up with the underground market of unlawful betting is excessively rewarding and flourishes in an unregulated climate. The AGA upheld the cancelation of PASPA and firmly advocates for states to have the option to compose their own games’ best gambling site regulations.

Day-to-day dream sports bet versus sports bet wagering

There are enormous contrasts between everyday dreams and endlessly sports bet.

In the sports best gambling site, a bettor chooses a circle or a number of circle groups to win or surround the same point. In everyday dream sports, a client picks competitors and enters a contest that figures a victor in light of the measurements gathered by the players in the best online cricket.

FAQ for wagering locales

Is it legitimate for all betting exchange sites on sports bet on the web?

Indeed, however, it relies upon where you are found. Legitimate games bet ipl online should be possible online in a considerable lot of the states referenced previously. You don't need to be an inhabitant of a state to all betting exchange sites there, however, you really should be genuinely situated inside the state to put a legitimate web-based sports bet.


Online games’ best gambling site is lawful all through the greater part of Europe including India. This incorporates the best gambling site shops, portable applications, and over the Internet. The absolute best web-based bet ipl online destinations in Europe is currently working in India.


The most secure choices for sports best gambling sites on the web come using the lawful and directed administrators. Appabook is two instances of administrators that have gotten endorsement to get started in various states. Lawful and controlled destinations need to go through an extensive application process, keep explicit guidelines and guidelines, and check that client reserves are protected. That is not the situation with the unregulated choices that might be accessible.

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भारत में बड़ी भीषण कोविड लहरों का खतरा कम हो रहा है: विशेषज्ञ...

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Covid 19

सार्वजनिक स्वास्थ्य विशेषज्ञों ने कहा है कि देश के विभिन्न हिस्सों में हालिया उठापटक के बावजूद भारत में कोविड -19 की बड़ी, गंभीर लहरों का खतरा कम है। हालांकि, भारत को एक स्थानिक स्थिति में घोषित करना जल्दबाजी होगी, वे चेतावनी देते हैं।

अधिक पढ़ें:.......

पब्लिक हेल्थ फाउंडेशन ऑफ इंडिया (पीएचएफआई) के अध्यक्ष के श्रीनाथ रेड्डी ने कहा, "स्थानिकता की आवश्यकता है कि वायरस हमारे साथ रहे, और इसका व्यवहार अनुमानित है, भले ही समय-समय पर इसका प्रकोप हो।" “कोविड -19 के लिए, पहला सच है, लेकिन दूसरा अभी निश्चित नहीं है। वायरस के विकास की अप्रत्याशित प्रकृति को देखते हुए, यह घोषित करना जल्दबाजी होगी कि हम एक स्थिर स्थानिक स्थिति में हैं। हम उस दिशा में आगे बढ़ रहे हैं लेकिन अभी तक उस हवाईअड्डे के सुचारू रनवे पर नहीं उतरे हैं।”

"स्थानिक एक भौगोलिक क्षेत्र के भीतर आबादी में एक बीमारी या संक्रामक एजेंट की निरंतर उपस्थिति और / या सामान्य प्रसार को संदर्भित करता है," उन्होंने कहा। “हर कुछ महीनों में मामले लगातार बढ़ रहे हैं और डेटा की अनुपस्थिति में निरंतर उपस्थिति कितनी मात्रा में है, हम इसे स्थानिकमारी वाले नहीं कह सकते। इसके अलावा, वर्तमान में, कई देशों में संक्रमण बढ़ रहा है और यहां तक ​​कि अस्पताल में भर्ती होने की संख्या भी बढ़ रही है। यह इसे स्थानिकमारी वाले कहने का समय नहीं है।"

Best betting

While there is much of the time prattle about the id cricketbetting chances for major political occasions, for example, the India official political decision, it is against the law to all betting exchange sites on the result of that. There might be a lot of history joined to id cricket betting on who will be the following president, however that doesn't mean it's lawful.

•           Props: A prop bet can rotate around a group or player execution during a bet online cricket, or on the challenge overall. A prop is essentially a side-wagered on something that may or probably won't occur. Prop Cricket betting on player execution similarly shares a ton as dream sports. They've turned into a characteristic beginning stage for the majority of new bettors subsequently.

•           Secret: The mystery betting book allows you to move the point spread on at least two bets online cricket. You can move the lines in support of yourself, making the Cricket betting simpler to win yet in addition bringing down your potential payout.

Lawful versus seaward wagering

The most ideal choices that anyone could hope to find for Indian sports bet bettors come through the locales that have been supported for activities in the separate states. Acquiring acknowledgment and endorsement is difficult, and the people who have joined the rundown of supported administrators have contributed intensely to do as such.

While there stays a functioning bootleg market for sports cricket betting id using unlawful seaward destinations, there's not an obvious explanation to face the challenge.

•           The Sports Betting ID Enforcement Act was passed in 2006 after maritime administrators started getting serious about it. The law is focused on the organizations to keep them from carrying on with work in India, however many works because of what they guarantee is a legitimate hazy situation.

•           Seaward administrators are not working under the very decisions and guidelines that legitimate India’s best gambling site locales are. There is no assurance that your assets, information, or data will be securely kept.

•           Legitimate games id cricket betting destinations have clear agreements, house rules for players to keep, an extensive variety of ordinary subsidizing choices, and client care choices that can be reached without any problem. That is not the situation with seaward locales.

Betting ID

Things you can't legitimately all betting exchange sites on in India

Every one of the singular states sets its guidelines and guidelines for sports id cricket betting. While there's incomplete consistency among the business sectors as a whole, what is or alternately isn't permitted is one area of shared belief. You will not have the option to all betting exchange sites on the accompanying at legitimate India online Appabook.

•           Secondary schools sports

•           sports bet including competitors under 18 years old

•           India races - neighborhood, state, official, and so forth.

•           Climate occasions

•           Unscripted television results

•           Oscars and other honor shows

For the keep going thing on the rundown, Oscar id cricket betting has been presented in a couple of business sectors to date, yet sports id cricket betting is expected to spin around genuine bet online cricket in the legitimate business sectors. The line gets somewhat foggy for the Super Bowl, as off-the-field props, for example, the aftereffect of the coin flip is allowed.

One more region to give close consideration to is how betting on school sports bet is taken care of. While it's allowed in the legitimate states, there are a few limitations set up. For instance, bettors in New Jersey aren't permitted to betting book on in-state projects or occasions, yet adjoining Pennsylvania has no such limitations set up.

Different states, like Colorado, permit pregame betting on school online bet and ball, yet player props on those bet online cricket are restricted. For a nitty-gritty glance at what is or alternately isn't allowed in the singular business sectors, our total state guides have extra understanding.

For what reason can't you all betting exchange sites on the political decision or climate?

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A best Cricket Betting site

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A best Cricket Betting site:: The all betting app is the most famous Cricket betting for cricket betting id in India. Cricket Betting ID on Sport is the biggest annual event for Appabook, and we have hired a number of professional advisors for bookmakers to consider. Go all out with cricket betting. The biggest opportunity for cricket betting id on Super Betting, Appabook,

                 betting book: The betting book has solidly gotten comfortable as the second-generally well-known decision at Appabook concerning by and large volume. During the postseason and betting book Finals, each challenge draws much more interest and online bets.

                 Sports bet Site: At the time all betting app was the most famous online bet in India before, however it has a huge following. At the start of the day there will be more interest around you, and again during the best cricket betting app end-of-season cricket betting and betting.

              best betting Online: While the bet cricket trails the tremendous three to the extent that overall though, this is at this point a Cricket strategy with a phenomenally unwavering and enthusiastic following. At the point when the Stanley Cup end-of-the-time bet cricket roll around, there's a flood that happens until a legend is designated.

                 Online betting strategy - bet: Many arranged handicappers shift their thought in the future web-based bet season has wrapped up. Customary season school bet is popular, yet the bet cricket really takes command over the spotlight with one of the year's indisputable cricket wagering id events - March Madness gets even the most accommodating fans off the side-lines.

                 School of Best wagering: For the fall and chilly climate months, web-based wagering controls the conversation in the domain of Indian bet cricket. While school online bet isn't precisely good all-around of the NFL to the extent that by and large distinction, there is betting cricket on the plan where the volume is essentially indistinguishable from its lord accomplice. That is especially legitimate for bowl season and the College online bet Playoff.

Indian Team

How to bet on sports online

While joining to play in legitimate states isn't precarious, what to do from that point can prompt a lot of inquiries. Fortunately, the expectation to learn and adapt to cricket betting id on sports bet is conquerable. We have various committed asset pages that give nitty gritty data on the entirety of the essentials.

                 Sports bet cricket online chances: Sports’ best gambling site and numbers remain closely connected. One of the leading online sites for those who bet on online cricket betting is Chance. More about one After you gain a little flavoring, you'll have the option to figure out the most probable result, the expected return for winning Cricket betting, and which side general society is backing by simply concentrating on the chances.

                 Demo id cricket: This is a fundamental wagered and an extraordinary beginning stage for fledglings, therefore. While cricket betting id is on the demo id cricket line, you essentially need to pick which side you think will win. There will be chances on the two sides: negative numbers for top picks and positive for dark horses.

                 Cricket Betting Parlays: A parlay is the best betting for which you join at least two results on a solitary slip. There's a chance for extraordinary returns, yet you should be right on all choices to have a triumphant ticket so your chances are longer. Consistently, perhaps the greatest wellspring of hold for Appabook comes through parlay online bets.

                 Spread: basically, the guide spread endeavors to make everything fair between two groups. It resembles an edge of triumph that you should represent in your online bet. Point spread cricket betting id happens on many bet online cricket, however, it could go by various names, for example, run line cricket betting id for MLB or puck line cricket betting id in the NHL.

                 Sums: This bet is likewise normally alluded to as an over/under and is a bet on the all-out consolidated score of a bet online cricket. Oddsmakers will set a benchmark number, and bettors then bet on whether the real score will be finished or under that sum. The chances on the two sides can move because of cricket betting id activity.

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With Live Betting, Never Miss a Chance!

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cricket betting

Watching the cricket betting strategy, you love is consistently an exhilarating encounter. With the live best cricket betting strategy, you can add a component of amusement to the match. With the live best cricket betting strategy, you can put down your cricket betting strategy wagers after a cricket betting strategy has begun. This intends that assuming you were uncertain about which group to back to before the match started, you will have the privilege to pick a side during the span of the match. An extremely significant place latest possible moment bet with live Online Cricket id Site at the best app for betting in up and feel like you're in the group, supporting your group!

One great live betting and it's just a sign of something different and bigger!

Your games sports cricket betting strategy just got a lift! Put down a bet on up to 12 distinct business sectors from a solitary football coordinate with the best app for betting in iplcricket betting sites in India. Whether you're sports cricket betting strategy pre-match or live, you can consolidate up to 12 unique choices, including the consequence of the cricket betting strategy, goal scorers, quantities of corners, number of cards, and considerably more! Experience cricket betting strategy in an entirely different manner with cricket betting sites in India! Visit our cricket betting sites in India page for additional subtleties.

Get Your Sports Welcome Bonus!

At the point when you join with the best app for betting in ipl, you will be spoiled with a cricket betting strategy invite reward to make your cricket betting strategy energizing. Put your reward cash on any cricket betting strategy you like and see with your own eyes! Likewise, you can exploit successive advancements that are accessible. So ensure you pick in to get these awesome limited-time offers. Join the fantasy group at the best app for betting in ipl and get the help of the pride now!

Are you hoping to guarantee a cricket betting strategy invite reward worth up to 10,000, follow these basic advances?


1.         Click on the cricket betting strategy Welcome Offer.

2.         Claim your Deposit Bonus from your 'My Offers' page.

3.         Make your most memorable store of at least 1,000.

4.         online betting id site free your ideal deal sum multiple times to get up to 10,000.


So if you're searching for a cricket betting strategy invite a reward to carry a fervor to your web-based sports best cricket betting strategy, look no further!

The very best Live Betting Odds and that is just a hint of something larger!

Right when you put down bets at the best application for sport betting in ipl, you can expect to find likely the best live games cricket betting technique chances around. This implies that you can capitalize on each online betting id site free that you place! With such a colossal choice of cricket betting strategies accessible, you can be sure that these incredible games sports cricket betting strategy chances stretch out to all of them.

However, what's more, it isn't simply a sports cricket betting strategy that is accessible to you. We have an assortment of esteemed live Cricket online tables for you to take a stab at, as well as internet-based Cricket online tables, stuffed brimming with openings for you to look over!

Assuming that you have any issues or questions connected with internet sports cricket betting strategy or any of our web-based cricket betting strategies you can contact our group of committed help specialists every minute of every day through the live visit, email, and telephone. You can likewise peruse our Help Desk for answers as well. Or on the other hand, assuming you're searching for capable gaming assets, you can look at


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सिद्धू मूसेवाला हत्याकांड की जांच :

June 24, 2022 0

     पंजाबी गायक की हत्या की योजना पिछले साल अगस्त में शुरू हुई थी: एंटी गैंगस्टर टास्क 

    Shiddhu Musewala

    'लॉरेंस बिश्नोई ने मूसवाला हत्याकांड का मास्टरमाइंड माना'

    पंजाब पुलिस के एडीजीपी प्रमोद बान ने गुरुवार को कहा कि गैंगस्टर लॉरेंस बिश्नोई ने स्वीकार किया है कि वह पंजाबी गायक सिद्धू मूसेवाला की हत्या का मास्टरमाइंड था और पिछले अगस्त से इसकी योजना बना रहा था।

    जो एंटी-गैंगस्टर टास्क फोर्स के प्रमुख भी हैं, ने कहा कि एक अन्य आरोपी बलदेव उर्फ ​​निक्कू को गुरुवार को गिरफ्तार किया गया था।

    'लॉरेंस बिश्नोई ने मूसवाला हत्याकांड का मास्टरमाइंड माना

    अपडेट किया गया: 

    जून 24, 2022 06:14 पूर्वाह्न

    चंडीगढ़, 23 जून

    पंजाब पुलिस के एडीजीपी प्रमोद बान ने गुरुवार को कहा कि गैंगस्टर लॉरेंस बिश्नोई ने स्वीकार किया है कि वह पंजाबी गायक सिद्धू मूसेवाला की हत्या का मास्टरमाइंड था और पिछले अगस्त से इसकी योजना बना रहा था।

    गैंगस्टर रोधी कार्य बल के प्रमुख बान ने कहा कि एक अन्य आरोपी बलदेव उर्फ ​​निक्कू को गुरुवार को गिरफ्तार किया गया।

    शुभदीप सिंह सिद्धू, जिन्हें सिद्धू मूसेवाला के नाम से भी जाना जाता है, की पंजाब के मनसा जिले में 29 मई को गोली मारकर हत्या कर दी गई थी, जिसके एक दिन बाद पंजाब सरकार ने गायक और 423 लोगों के सुरक्षा कवर को अस्थायी रूप से काट दिया था।

    बान ने कहा, "हमने हाल ही में लॉरेंस बिश्नोई को इस मामले में गिरफ्तार किया था और उसकी रिमांड 27 जून तक बढ़ा दी गई थी। उसने स्वीकार किया है कि वह (मूसेवाला की हत्या में) मास्टरमाइंड था।"

    दिल्ली पुलिस ने मामले में दो निशानेबाजों सहित तीन लोगों को गिरफ्तार किया था, अधिकारियों ने सोमवार को कहा था कि उनमें से एक घटना के समय कनाडा के गैंगस्टर गोल्डी बरार के संपर्क में था। 

    सिद्धू मूसेवाला हत्याकांड की जांच : पंजाबी गायक की हत्या की योजना पिछले साल अगस्त में शुरू हुई थी: 

    एंटी गैंगस्टर टास्क फोर्स प्रमुख

    18:13 23 जून

    शूटर प्रियव्रत, अन्य से पूछताछ के लिए पंजाब पुलिस की टीम दिल्ली में है: एडीजीपी बानो

    पंजाब पुलिस की एक टीम गिरफ्तार शूटर प्रियव्रत और दिल्ली पुलिस की हिरासत में बंद अन्य लोगों से पूछताछ के लिए राष्ट्रीय राजधानी में है। एडीजीपी ने कहा कि बिश्नोई पर किसी थर्ड डिग्री का इस्तेमाल नहीं किया गया और उनके कुछ रिश्तेदारों को भी उनसे मिलने की इजाजत दी गई।

    18:10 23 जून

    लॉरेंस ने तिहाड़ जेल में मोबाइल फोन इस्तेमाल करने की बात कबूली : पुलिस

    लॉरेंस ने तिहाड़ जेल में मोबाइल फोन इस्तेमाल करने की बात भी स्वीकार की है। हत्या के बाद से, लॉरेंस और गोल्डी बरार के नाम पर लगभग 35 फिरौती के लिए कॉल किए गए हैं, लेकिन ये स्थानीय अपराधियों या चोरों द्वारा किए गए थे जिन्होंने इंटरनेट के माध्यम से कॉल किया था। एडीजीपी ने कहा कि कुछ कॉल झारखंड और एमपी से आए हैं।

    18:08 23 जून

    एडीजीपी प्रतिबंध ने मूसेवाला की हत्या के पीछे बिश्नोई गिरोह के मकसद का खुलासा किया

    हत्या के पीछे का मकसद, जैसा कि लॉरेंस बिश्नोई ने स्वीकार किया था, युवा अकाली नेता विक्की मिड्दुखेरा की हत्या का बदला लेना था। एडीजीपी बान ने कहा कि पुलिस जांच के अनुसार मिद्दू खेड़ा की हत्या में मूसेवाला का हाथ साबित नहीं हुआ है. "यह लॉरेंस गिरोह द्वारा सिर्फ एक धारणा या संदेह है," उन्होंने कहा।

    17:59 23 जून

    AGTF ने अब तक गैंगस्टरों के 37 मॉड्यूल का भंडाफोड़ किया है: एडीजीपी बान

    हम इस गिरोह के पीछे पूरी ताकत से जा रहे हैं। एजीटीएफ के गठन के बाद से हमने कुल 147 गैंगस्टरों को गिरफ्तार किया है। गैंगस्टरों के 37 मॉड्यूल का भंडाफोड़ किया गया है। एडीजीपी ने कहा कि गोला-बारूद के अलावा विभिन्न प्रकार के 130 से अधिक हथियार बरामद किए गए हैं।

    17:50 23 जून

    सचिन और अनमोल ने किया फर्जी पासपोर्ट का इस्तेमाल

    पंजाब के बाहर बने जाली पासपोर्ट का इस्तेमाल सचिन और अनमोल करते थे। एडीजीपी बान का कहना है कि हमने उनके प्रत्यर्पण के लिए कार्रवाई शुरू कर दी है।

    17:47 23 जून

    लॉरेंस के भाई अनमोल को पुलिस को गुमराह करने विदेश भेजा गया: पुलिस

    लॉरेंस ने इस साल अप्रैल में अपने भाई अनमोल को हत्या के बाद उनकी सुरक्षा के लिए विदेश भेजा था, जो कि योजना के चरण में था। सचिन बिश्नोई पहले से विदेश में थे।

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